I set up this blog about a month ago and it has taken me that long to actually to write in it. Although, just because I have not written in it does not mean I have not attempted to do so. I actually have. One of my friends jokingly stated that I was taking up internet space with an unwritten blog. So, here I am, not knowing if I have much to offer to those who might read this blog- but I will let the readers decide that for themselves. The vision for this blog may not be unique, hip, or enlightening-for it is merely a attempt to organize and establish my thoughts, beliefs, and convictions, and in doing so, write them to share with future readers. This blog is created for dialogue between the known and the unknown alike-available to challenge, to edify, and ultimately create a space where civil discussion is encouraged in all cases. I have created this blog above all, to write, and to discuss what it means to be a human caught up in the ultimate epic of Creator God restoring all things to Himself.


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