A Worker Approved.

Overwhelmed today with the desire to understand Gods word in a new way. In my readings of Isaiah today, I was struck with glorious passion to apprehend Gods word in ways that I currently do not grasp. I find myself often wrestling with this appetite because I see that it is frequently hampered by my current studies. As a History student, my time does not, and arguably should not, go to in depth study of NT Greek, Ecclesiology, Eschatology or any other -ology, simply because I am here to study History. Nonetheless,  I do desire that one I day I might find myself in the position to do so. I do not claim that there pride is absent in such a yearning, but alongside this I realize the ultimate significance that this carries with it. I also know that through this quest, God can be honored, glorified and loved, for we have His word to study it, and to know it as best we can. I want it to have its full effect on my life and through my life in the world. The last thing I want is to miss out with a shallow understanding of His word and therefore shallow convictions, and ultimately a shallow life concerning the one true God. But thanks be to God that He has called us to a Holy and magnificent calling. For God has not called us to mediocrity especially in our pursuit and our knowledge of Him. He has revealed Himself in Christ and from there our willingness determines our understanding and thus our intimacy with Him.

I hope and pray that more of these opportunities are made manifest in my life and in others; that is, opportunities that call us to new and rare depths. I wish to be a worker approved, rightly handling the word of truth, not a slave to my misunderstanding.

I realize the parallels with this post and my last one, but I couldn’t help myself…truly.


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