This training is draining. I love it.

I, along with 20 or so other missionaries, are here in Orlando, FL partaking in GCM (Great Commission Ministries) new staff training. What an incredible experience the past few days have been. I have so enjoyed being spurred on by the saints here and their vision for their ministries and churches. It is so evident that God has done a work in these men and women and I know that He has great plans for them just as David said about Solomon:

“And David the kind said to all the assembly, “Solomon my son, whom alone God has chosen, is young and inexperienced, and the work is great””(1 Chronicles 29:1).

God Himself has ordained for us to be here this week (just that in itself astounds me!) and has chosen all of these men and women for the great work that is ahead (and it is no doubt that we are young and inexperienced!). I am so excited for them. I have been inspired more and more as I hear story after story from people who are sharing their heart and vision for the ministry that God has called them to. It has inspired me in my own calling and it has enabled me to witness and love the ecumenical church (universal church) all the more. I have learned so much from everyone here.

I am sitting here after our first block of free time in the past three days. I have so enjoyed what has gone on here, and I am impassioned in being reminded of what God has done in my own life and the calling he has placed on my heart. I am also continually reminded here that what we are doing is absolutely absurd. Honestly. It is easy to be grafted into this missionary life in such a way that we forget that the only thing that makes sense of this is Jesus. There is nothing about raising support, or being on a college campus to love college students (when you are out of college) that makes much sense. Jesus is the reason for all of us here. It doesn’t make what we do much less crazy, but it makes it undoubtedly worth it.

I needed reminded of that too. Feeling refreshed. Now back to work.


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