Self-Knowledge and The Knowledge of God

I stumbled upon a lecture series on biblical training about a week ago and God has been using it in my life big time. The lecture is named Spiritual Formation and God has used it to uncover my heart and re-imagine and remember what Jesus has done on the cross in taking our sin and attributing to us Jesus’ acceptance before God.

I have always been one for introspection, but I have come to realize how truly important self-knowledge is and how that intertwines and often is informed by our knowledge of God. The interesting thing is that Jesus calls us to be students of both. He calls first to be students (disciples) of Himself, but he also calls us to be students of the heart (perhaps this is a false dichotomy, but I think the distinction is needed). Both ideas are rampant throughout the New Testament and are truly dependent on one another.

Think about it…What would happen if either of these things were our main focus? If we were too focused on our own hearts, would that not inevitably lead to self-absorption? What about if we focused wholly on knowing God, and theology, and all the rest? That too would lead to a type of pride and further we would have no idea how God actually impacts or meets us personally.

John Coe (the lecturer) does a great job in the lecture of calling us to be students of both Jesus and of our hearts. In my opinion, both our vitally important. If this intrigues anyone, I would encourage you to listen to these lectures. I have only listened to the first three, but I have been ministered to greatly by these. I hope they serve some of you!

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  1. Good to read Anthony. We do need to look at both 🙂 Uncle D is heading up a new small group tonight on what our pastor is preaching from:” The Story” a big overview of the Bible (31 weeks). Pls pray for him & the group, everything seems against u sometimes, u know? I am sick w the flu & couldn’t hear the first sermon yesterday or go tonight, uncle d has had work issues & other problems, w the snow hard to tell if anyone will come. But we just watched the DVD on it & it looks so good. Pray for all who will participate & that we all learn what we need to from Gods Word about who he is & what we are doing in this Story! Well time fir another nap… Love u, Aunt Sue

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