September Ministry Update!

Hello from Kent, Ohio! It is rather obvious that school has begun in Kent if you pay attention to a few key signs. You will know that the advent the fall semester has begun when you notice that 1) an increase in traffic has occurred, 2) downtown is louder than it once was, and 3) students are walking to class in a zombie-like stupor with their p.j.’s still on in the wee hours of the morning. It is funny, but oh so true.

Since the moment students have been pouring through the gates of Kent State our church has been there to meet as many as possible through a myriad of different opportunities. Suffice it to say that our last month has been exhausting and yet very envisioning!

The busiest time of year is by far what we have come to call blitz week. This is when the 4,000+ freshman arrive on campus and our job as a church begins with engaging as many students as possible. I was very encouraged to be able to help during this week even though I am support raising full-time right now. This week is so demanding that it is imperative that we have all hands on deck, so to speak. In general, our hope is to have a potent presence on campus at the dozens of events that the university plans.

Our church engaged students in a lot of different ways. We had a dodgeball tournament, endless games of corn-hole and ultimate frisbee, a tailgate party, a contest to win goldfish, spiritual surveys through which students could win free pizza, and so much more! We were everywhere on campus during that week. Our staff is especially thankful to our student volunteers who gave so much during this week in order to make all we did possible.

This year we saw:

  • 7,000+ H2O discount cards given away
  • 1,200+ spiritual surveys completed
  • 500 freshman followed up with
  • 70 freshman attend our first service
  • 30+ enter our membership class (The Well)

We are so thankful to see what God has done in us and through us as we have given ourselves to the new students at KSU. I hope you are too!

This week was a jolt to my system so that I was able to go back to support raising with a certain spring in my step. I was refreshed with being able to do some ministry and once again be  reminded of the reason that I decided to raise support in the first place. I am still captivated by God’s call in my life to give my life away to young people for the sake of the gospel. I hope and pray that you are still captivated by that vision as well.

I have since returned to full-time support raising and have been regularly encouraged by God’s provision through this process. It is undeniable to me that God is sustaining me financially and emotionally. The verse from the Psalms above is one that I have been meditating on lately (along with the verses surrounding it). Support raising has reminded me of my overall neediness before the Lord. I need to trust Him for everything, because I know being a Christian means that I cannot do anything on my own.

Thankfully, I am beginning to turn a major corner in my support raising process. I am extremely close to having 50% of my total goal raised. This is such a tremendous blessing to me! I could not be more excited about how God is providing opportunities and putting people in my path who are receptive. Knowing that you are with me in this process is a great encouragement. Thank you for your prayers and financial support. This would not be possible without you!!! 

Your brother in the gospel, Anthony



  1. Dear Anthony, God bless u as u minister to all the young people he puts in your path! You are exactly right…as his Word says, we can do nothing without his strength & help…but we CAN do all things (he wants us to!;) thru Christ who gives us strength! Yeh!!! Sooo encouraging… 😉 Praying for u, h2o, and all those u get the opportunity to tell of His love, Aunt Sue 💌

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