October Ministry Update

Greetings from Kent, Ohio! I absolutely love this time of year in Ohio. Can you relate? I revel the sweatshirt weather, the vibrant colors, and that I get to drink excessive amounts of tea and coffee! I have thoroughly enjoyed this season and I am already begin to grieve the nearness of the unpredictable nature of Ohio winters. Alas, I suppose winter is not so bad, after all I still get to drink lots of hot drinks!

Our church has had a lot going on this past month including celebrating our five year anniversary as a church plant on Kent’s campus. The five years have flown by and we have seen God do some amazing things during these years. We dedicated one of our services to remembering and reflecting on the major moments in our church’s story at the end of September. We also prayed together and looked to the future for what God might ask us to do! In fact, we are in the midst of one of these major stepping-stones as H2O Kent becomes a sending church to our new plant at University of Akron!

As I have written before, we are in the midst of laying the foundations for a church plant at Akron. On Tuesday nights we hold a Life Group at Akron’s student union and around 10-15 Akron students have been consistently coming around. In addition, one of the most encouraging aspects is that we have five students from Kent who are committed to Akron as their ministry alongside a couple of our staff members. Every Tuesday they drive to Akron to have Bible Study and serve the beginnings of this church!

I wrote last time about our annual Fall getaway and asked you to pray for our time there as well. I am glad to say that our Fall Getaway was well attended and extremely encouraging to all. H2O Pittsburgh and H2O Akron joined Kent in this getaway and together we heard from Ball State Pastor, Carl Frost. Carl spoke about the destruction of sin in our world and how God is making “all things new” in Christ. It was truly wonderful and it was encouraging to see students worshipping the Lord in spirit in truth as shown below.


It has been seemingly slow in regard to support raising this past month, but I am thankful for God’s apparent faithfulness in the process. I am at 52% of my full-time goal currently. I am so thankful for how God is raising support on my behalf, even if it is painfully slow at times.

While this season of life has remained difficult for me, I am still utterly convinced that God is using this time to prepare me for ministry. As much as I want to move on from this season of full-time support raising and into full-time ministry, I simultaneously want to soak in whatever God wants to teach me during this time. I trust what God has for me is for my good!

I am so thankful for you all who are committed to me and supporting me in so many ways. I never will be able to thank you enough, but I hope you know how appreciated you are!

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