My name is Anthony Giambroni.

The internet world has produced a people that love the false self. It would seem that this blog would be a place to flaunt my accomplishments (which are few), accolades (there are none), and my significance (which doesn’t come from what I accomplish or accolades I receive), but I tend to war against that tendency both online and offline. I hope that this will be a place where accurate self-preception will be exercised (as much as humanly possible), which means writing about brokenness, tragedy, and failure at times. Thankfully, my life is no longer about “pulling myself up from my own bootstraps” because I lost my bootstraps a long time ago.

Ok. I moved around a lot growing up. Both my parents went to Kent State University, met there, and married soon after college. They had a couple boys and named them Andrew and Anthony. They got those names confused a lot growing up and I usually bore the brunt of the confusion (“Andr…uhhhh I  mean Anthony”). I moved to upstate New York and loved it, and then moved to a suburb of Chicago and realized that I hated most things about suburban life. In the midst of all that I learned a lot, but one of the arc narratives of that time was my continual struggle and pilgrimage of figuring out who I am. Though, I had no idea that that was the pilgrimage I was on. I loved sports and music and enjoyed them, but often I treated them like gods. I worshipped them and hoped to attain ultimate meaning, purpose, and significance from them. Let me tell you, that was a failed experiment and somewhat short-sighted. I guess I thought lacrosse and drums would answer every existential question that I didn’t even know I had. Weird how that doesn’t work, you know?

More recently I have graduated from Kent State University with a History degree and I have undergone the most formative period of my life in college. Jesus has continually changed me and refined me in my college years and has shown me what it means to follow after Him in both zeal and struggle, to trust in Him even amidst the myriad of mysteries. My mind is continually being renewed with these truth’s and I now live with no loftier vision than to invite others into the reality of the Kingdom of God. What does that mean? I am still figuring that out, actually. But most simply, I live to see myself and others transformed by the grace of God.

This blog is a work in progress, but I guess I can promise a certain level of honesty that is not often witnessed online. I realize that I am quite young and still learning, thus there will be little I write about that I will be 100% certain about (take each “I think” and “In my personal opinion” with a grain of salt…well maybe more like a cup of salt). My main motivation for writing this blog is so that I may be in conversation with people who I may not normally be in conversation with, and to be honest with even those who do not know me. And perhaps for those who I already know this will spark even loftier dialogue. Ultimately, I desire to write about that which is true, whether people read it or not.

Presently, I am raising support as a U.S. campus missionary on the Kent State University campus serving with H2O Church. I am currently attending Ashland Theological Seminary and pursuing an M.A. in Church History.



  1. Hi Anthony ~ Aunt Sue here 🙂 So very proud & excited about all you are doing for Jesus! Love the thought-provoking posts like “The Significance of a Building” – making me think, which is a great thing in and of itself. Keep up the good work, you and h2o are in our prayers, mine and Uncle D…please pray for us as well. Love u

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