When I was younger, I often sought out my own purposes, and sought things that justified my existence. When I began to mature, I began to see these things were meaningless. I found myself asking the question that many have asked before me: What have I been crafted for? This I have found is the deep and somewhat haunting question that echoes through the hearts of the human race. It is not a simple question, but let me assure you that it is able to be answered.

From the beginning, the human race was created in Gods glorious image, for the purpose of reflecting God and thus giving him perfect glory with our lives. This image that we bore was eventually fractured through our renouncement of the God of all through the glorification of ourselves and not God. We became a disobedient people to He who made us. The fruit, as they say, has been found in everybody’s hand.

God has not left us in our depraved state. But through the life, death, and glorious resurrection of Christ, God has begun the process of returning His creation to its original or re-created state.

The word ποίημα (poiema) is found in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. The word in it’s natural form simply means to do, to make, or to fashion. The english language has come to know this word as poem or poetry. Poiema is also translated as a masterpiece or handiwork. God desires to see us restored to not only a recreated state, to live as we were meant to, but to also experience that process in fellowship and relationship with Him. Through Christ this all becomes a reality. Through Christ we become Gods restored and rewritten poetry.

God has not left us to wander about in this lonely world void of anything meaningful. He has created us and will recreate those who have given their lives over to Christ and His care. In Christ God has initiated His mission of reaching the world solely for His glory and praise to recreate and reestablish his rule and reign and thus change everything that we thought we knew about ourselves, others, and the world.

This story has affected my being more than anything else. I indeed am a poiema. I am broken, fainthearted, and still loved. I am coming to find that as I grow older, I am far more weak than I ever could have imagined. It is God who has made me his poetry. In the midst of my failures and weakness God has made me something new and is continuing to making me something new. This blog will hopefully reflect my heart in all its confusion, despair, as well as faith, and hope. I hope in my musings you will be encouraged by mere honesty.


  1. Great stuff, Anthony! Ephesians 2:10 is the truth that God spoke to us when we arrived in Spain twenty years ago. Even though the soil is path-like here, we have been on an adventure to find out what God has prepared beforehand (de antemano) for us to walk in. Everyday is a new day to find out where we are in the grand scheme of God´s redemption and who else will become a part of it.

    Peace of Christ, Tim

    1. That is wonderful, Tim. Yes, I would like to hear further stories of what that has been like sometime – especially as I consider and pray through overseas church planting! Thanks!

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