Ministry Links

H2O Church in Kent, OH

This church was planted nearly six years ago from Bowling Green State University and also is the church in which I am currently on full-time staff. H2O Church in Kent is also in the process of planting a church at University of Akron! Our services are at 4pm on Sunday afternoons–come check us out!

Collegiate Church Network

Collegiate Church Network is a network of collegiate churches across the U.S. and abroad of which H2O Church in Kent is part. CCN’s most general focus is to be a network of collegiate churches that are planting other collegiate churches. Currently, there are nearly 20 churches in the CCN that are all located on or near major colleges and universities!

Great Commission Ministries

GCM is the missionary sending agency that employs all of the pastors and staff who serve at the local collegiate churches within the CCN since all of our staff can be considered U.S. campus missionaries. In a lot of ways, GCM makes what we do possible!



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