Encouragement on the Eve of Graduation

I have grown to enjoy and appreciate Stanley Hauerwas as of late. He is an Ethics Professor at the Duke Divinity School. This video captures his closing thoughts for the Duke Divinity graduates of 2013. As I watched this video, I couldn’t help but feel like I was sitting right next to one of those Duke graduate students. Alas, while I am not a graduate of the Duke divinity school, I am indeed graduating and finishing my undergraduate career this Friday. Although I am entering into a full-time ministry after graduation, I can still relate with all the confusion and unknowns that every undergraduate graduate will experience. It is a scary thing. There are a lot of pressures and expectations that the society places on our shoulders. I am nervous about all that is to come my way, but these thoughts by Hauerwas are helpful and encouraging to me as I exit this season of my life.

I look forward to reflecting on my four years in college after finals week. I am thinking about a series on how I have grown to love history and why. In any case, I look forward to reflecting on my undergraduate career and sharing some of those thoughts on here!

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